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Statistical Methods - An Introduction - SS 21

The Lecture will most likely take place remotely. In order that you will receive information how to connect to the lecture and
where to find further material it is compulsary that you register to the course in LSF here.

Statistics - An Introduction

The main lecture will be broadcasted live via Zoom during the standard lecture time and date below. You will obtain
the connection details via LSF email. In addition the problem sheets can be handed in via assignments
in Moodle. So please also register for the course on the LMU Moodle.
The key for enrolling will be also provided by email.


Lecture Notes - will be provided on LMU Moodle.


The course will mainly follow the book:
"Data Analysis: A Bayesian Tutorial"
D.S. Sivia (with J. Skilling)
Oxford Science Publications
(this will be available as e-book from
the LMU library)

The statistical distributions are discussed in:

"Statistical Data Analysis"
G. Cowan
Oxford Science Publications

The MCMC chapter is inspired by:

"Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice"
W.R. Gilks, S. Richardson and D.J. Spiegelhalter
Chapman & Hall/CRC

A nice general introduction to probability:
Probability Theory - The Logic of Science
E. T. Jaynes
Cambridge Univeristy Press
(available as e-book from the LMU library)

Problem Sheets
will be provide on
LMU Moodle.