Physical Cosmology

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Research Staff

Angelo Caravano

Dr. Angelo Caravano

Early Universe, Inflation Massive gravity, bimetric gravity and cosmology

Steffen Hagstotz

Dr. Steffen Hagstotz

Large-Scale Structure, Statistics and Morphology of Cosmic Fields, Neutrinos and Relics from the Early Universe, Cosmology with Fast Radio Bursts


Nico Hamaus

Dr. Nico Hamaus

Large-Scale Structure, Dark Energy & Dark Matter, Cosmic Voids, Redshift-Space Distortions, Primordial non-Gaussianity, Tests of General Relativity & Inflation, Black Holes, Statistical Tools, Simulations


Martin Kerscher

Dr. habil. Martin Kerscher

Large-Scale Structure, Statistical Methods

Sven Krippendorf

Dr. Sven Krippendorf

Physics ∩ Machine Learning, Cosmology and particle physics beyond the standard model

Dr. Kerstin Paech

Hubble parameters from SNe + Cephids, Galaxy Cluster correlation functions, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning


Barbara Sartoris

Dr. Barbara Sartoris

Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters,
Non-Standard Cosmological Models,
Optical and X-ray Studies of Galaxy Clusters