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Archive of the Physical Cosmology Journal Club


Journal club archive: Summer Term 2021

  • 23.04, Mona Dentler "Constraints on Fuzzy Dark Matter from DESY1 Cosmic Shear" Special seminar
  • 30.04, Alex, Presenting paper in prep.
  • 07.05, Giordano "Density profiles of cosmic voids in eRosita data" Master Thesis Update
  • 28.05, Steffen, Discussion on the Hubble tension (in view of the Munich/Cambridge joint JC) Special Seminar
  • 11.06, Hayley J. Macpherson "Luminosity distance and anisotropic sky-sampling at low redshifts: a numerical relativity study" Cambridge/LMU Joint JC
  • 18.06, Yusuf "Searching for Superclusters in eFEDS" Master Thesis Update
  • 25.06, Martin Lecture on estimators 10:00 - 12:00
  • 02.07, Giorgia "Cosmic Voids in Generated N-body Simulations"
  • 07.07, Steffen Hagstotz "A new measurement of the Hubble constant using Fast Radio Bursts"
  • 09.07, Lucas Porth "Fast estimation of aperture-mass statistics II: Detectability of higher order statistics in current and future surveys"
  • 16.07, Oliver "The PDF perspective on the tracer-matter connection: Lagrangian bias and non-Poissonian shot noise"
  • 23.07, Lydia "The WaZP galaxy cluster sample of the Dark Energy Survey Year 1" + short master-thesis update


Journal club archive: Winter Term 2020/2021



Journal Club Archive - Summer Term 2019/2020
Friday   Speaker   Title/Article Note
25th of Oct Nico Hamaus "Constraints on the growth of structure around cosmic voids in eBOSS DR14" 
15th of Nov Nico Schuster  "Void Formation: Does the Void-in-Cloud Process Matter?" 


22nd of Nov Jinah "A solution to the initial condition problems of inflation : NATON" 
29th of Nov Giorgia "The Aemulus Project"


6th of Dec Luisa Lucie-Smith 

"Machine learning the formation of dark matter halos"

Special Seminar

13 of Dec Yang "Multi-wavelength consensus of large-scale linear bias" 
17th of Jan Martin

"Large-scale structures in the ΛCDM Universe: network analysis and machine learning" 

24th of Jan Johannes & Nico. S

Johannes : "(Towards) Probing Axions with Galaxy Cluster Counts"

Nico S. : "The bias of cosmic voids in the presence of massive neutrinos"




31st of Jan Angelo/Jinah

Angelo: "On the stability of bimetric structure formation" 

Jinah: "Cosmology with Redshift-Space Distortion Analysis on Galaxy Tracer Voids"

7th of Feb

Rodrigo Voivodic

"The Halo-Void Model of Large Scale Structure"

Special Seminar
14th of Feb Giorgia  "The Aemulus Project"
21st of Feb Johannes 
28th of Feb Machine Learning team Meeting 10:00-12:00


JOURNAL CLUB ARCHIVE (2019) - Papers discussed in previous semesters
Date Speaker Title/Article Note
Friday, 18th of Jan Paul Hinz
Friday, 25th of Jan Johannes "Axion Cosmology" 
Friday, 1st of Feb Malwin IMPRS Practice Talk
Friday, 8th of Feb

Sunny Vagnozzi

"Recent developments in neutrino cosmology"

Special Seminar

Friday, 15th of Feb Eva IMPRS Practice Talk
Friday, 22nd of Feb Nico S. IMPRS Practice Talk


Friday, 1st of Mar Martin "Causal Dynamical Triangulations" 


Friday, 8th of Mar



"Void size function" 

"Halo Mass function" 

International Woman's Day, suggested reading 

Friday, 15th of Mar Nico H.

"An alternative approach to the Finger of God in large scale structures" 

Friday, 22nd of Mar Cora Uhlemann

"Counts-in-cells statistics for large-scale structure"

Special Seminal

Friday,3rd of May Jochen "Swampland Conjectures and Late-Time Cosmology" 
Friday, 17th of May Giorgia "Cosmological exploitation of the size function of cosmic voids identified in the distribution of biased tracers" 
Friday, 24th of May Nico

"Fisher matrix for multiple tracers: model independent constraints on the redshift distortion parameter"

 Briefly going through


Friday, 31st of May Brueckentag, No JC
Friday, 7th of June Korbinian "Super-CMB fluctuations can resolve the Hubble tension" 
Friday, 14th of June Olivier Overview on void size function and cleaning procedure
Friday, 21st of June DES meeting + Brueckentag, No JC
Thursday, 27th of June Enrique Paillas

"Weak lensing by voids as a test for alternative cosmological models”

Special Seminal

Friday, 5th of July Johannes "Ultralight scalars as cosmological dark matter" 
Friday, 12th of July Carlos Correa

"A non-fiducial cosmological test from geometrical and dynamical distortions around voids"

Special Seminar


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