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Cambridge-LMU meeting 2021

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Joint Cambridge-LMU online cosmology workshop with public lectures by Eiichiro Komatsu and Roger Penrose to celebrate Stephen Hawking's 79th birthday

Dates: January 7th and 8th, 2021

Scope: Within the strategic partnership of Cambridge University and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich we are bringing together cosmologists from Cambridge, Munich and around the world in joint online seminars and occasional joint workshop events. Our next workshop will take place online on 07/08 January 2021. This time we focus on the field of large-scale structure cosmology, which studies the evolution of cosmic density - from the tiny seed fluctuations in the early Universe to the evolved web of structures we see today. Theorists, observers and experts in cosmological simulations from Munich, Cambridge and around the world will summarize the current state of the field and there will be plenty of time to discuss what the future holds.

The workshop will close on Friday evening with public lectures given by Professors Eiichiro Komatsu and Roger Penrose to celebrate the 79th birthday of legendary Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking. More information can be found here: